Banking Finance Committee


Banking, Finance & Fintech


Co-President: Mrs Eve Bourdeau, Orange Business Services

Co-President: Mr Dimitri Kouchnirenko, Incomlend

Co-President: Mrs Sonal Priyanka, Société Générale CIB

Co-President: Mr Ludovic Sichère, Imerys


French Chamber Contact: Caroline de Villèle


The Banking, Finance & Fintech Committee groups CFOs, bankers and advisors in the financial sector, to discuss topics of interest in the financial world.

French Chamber FinTech Forum 



Supported Event

  • Financial Inclusion x Société Générale x AXA

​November 13, 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm @Société Générale Singapore - Free

There is growing evidence that appropriate financial services produce substantial benefits for consumers, and in particular for underprivileged or discriminated populations. This event, organised not-so-coincidentally during the Singapore FinTech Festival, will explore how the use of financial innovations in areas such as payments services, savings accounts, loans, and insurance, can contribute to inclusive growth and economic development, while still profiting the organizations materializing them. Part of the France-Singapore Year of Innovation, the event will kick off with an introductory speech by His Excellency M. Marc Abensour, Ambassador of France in Singapore, and continue with a panel of thought leaders and entrepreneurs, experts on the subject. We’ll conclude our evening with a networking cocktail.

More information about this event here.

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Committee Documents (members’ only)

Dec 2018  | ICO_Prognosis for 2019_RHTLaw.pdf
Nov 2018 | The Phenomenon of Peer-to Peer Lending_Incomlend.pdf
Oct 18 |  Trade and Cash Management_R3.pdf
Oct 18  | Dual Layer Protocol_ PolicyPal.pdf
Oct 2018 | Smart Contracts in Insurance_AXA Insurance.pdf
Oct 2018 | Blockchain for a Better Identity System_Newlogic.pdf
Oct 2018 | Combating Counterfeit Degrees_ LuxTag.pdf
Oct 2018 | Blockchains for Business_R3.pdf
Oct 2018 | Trends in Asia_French Embassy.pdf
Oct 2018 | Trends in Asia_Centannial Asia Advisors.pdf
Oct 2018  | Investissement en Immobilier Locatif en France_Reside Etudes
May 2018  | Alternative Data_ Datarama.pdf
Mar 2018 | FX Market update_Strategies to take control in 2018_Western Union Business Solutions.pdf
Mar 2018  Fiscalité des non résident_Banque Transatlantique.pdf
Fev 2018 | China's Balancing Act_OCBC.pdf
Nov 2017 Managing Fraud Risk_PwC.pdf
Nov 2017 | How to Succeed at M&As in SEA and China_Pickering Pacific.pdf
Nov 2017 | Asean 2017_2018_Economic Outlook_French Embassy.pdf
Nov 2017 | Trend in Asia 2018_Cyclical Upside, Structural Challenges_Centennial Asia Advisors.pdf
Oct 2017 | Doing Business in Myanmar - Rajah & Tann.pdf
Oct 2017 | Doing Business in Myanmar - OCBC.pdf
Oct 2017 | AI and data platforms - Amazon Web Services.pdf
Oct 2017 | Using AI to drive business growth and improve customer services - AXA.pdf
Oct 2017 | An Introduction to AI and Next Generation Technology - Taiger.pdf
Oct 2017 | AI is here and now - Accenture.pdf
Sep 2017 | Base Erosion Profit Shifting - Luther.pdf
Jun 2017 | Investissements Immobiliers et Placements Financiers - CMC International.pdf
Jun 2017 | Robotic Process Automation - EY.pdf
Jun 2017 | Robotic Process Automation - IBM.pdf
May 2017 | IFRS 15 revenue from contracts with customers - Mazars SG.pdf
Apr 2017 | Possibilités de Retraite en Europe et Ailleurs - JadeStonePartners Group.pdf
Mar 2017 | Actualites fiscales et strategies patrimoniales lors dune expatriation a Singapour - Banque Transatlantique.pdf
Feb 2017 | Reconciling environmental and financial performance - Edhec Risk Institute.pdf
Jan 2017 | A peek into India - S&P.pdf
Dec 2016 | Trends in Asia in 2017 - Centennial Asia Advisors.pdf
Dec 2016 | Economic Outlook for Southeast Asia in 2017 - French Embassy in Singapore.pdf
Oct 2016 | The Role of Connected Ecosystems - Capgemini.pdf
Oct 2016 | Smart Financial Centre - MAS.pdf
Oct 2016 | RMB Bond Markets Opening to the World - Credit Agricole CIB.pdf
Oct 2016 | RMB bonds and rate markets - Societe Generale.pdf
Jun 2016 | Experience Sharing on setting-up a business in Myanmar - EOS Development.pdf
May 2016 | Efficient Budgeting & Planning in the Modern Finance Function - PwC Consulting.pdf

Past Events

3 Mar 2015 - 08:00
Speakers: Mr Choo Eng Chuan, Partner, Ernst & Young Solutions LLP
22 Jan 2015 - 08:15
Speakers: Mr Pascal Serre, Alcatel-Lucent Asia Pacific ; Mr Fabien Conderanne, COFACE ; Mr Franck Passillier, Credit Agricole CIB
13 Jan 2015 - 08:30
Speakers: Mr Owen Hawkes, Partner in KPMG’s Forensic practice
26 Nov 2014 - 08:00
Speakers: Mr Manu Bhaskaran, Institute of Policy Studies; Mr Antoine Chery, French Embassy in Singapore