Digital Marketing and Communication


Digital Marketing & Communication


Co-President: Mrs Isaline Duminil, JCDecaux Asia

Co-President: Mrs Mary Kon-Sun-Tack, AccorHotels

Co-President: Mrs Emilie Tisserand, Mediakeys Singapore

Co-President: Mr Alban Villani, Criteo


French Chamber Contact: Marion Fremaux


The Digital Marketing & Communication Committee organises meetings and breakfast talks on new tools and trends related to the marketing & communication sectors.

Supported event

  • Social Selling 2018 Summit - September 14th, 2018 - Singapore

Find out everything that you ever wanted to know about Social Selling. Whether you are in B2B or B2C we will be covering every aspect of Social Selling at this unique and practical Social Selling 2018 summit. Learn from acclaimed speakers from LinkedIn, Microsoft, NTUC, Singapore Life, SG Innovate, Hilton and renowned business celebrities who will take you through every aspect of Social Selling including:

  • What is Social Selling and How Can you do it?
  • Why salespeople, marketing people, and entrepreneurs all need to be Socially Selling?

Experience 10 keynotes and choose from 10 workshops to find out everything that you ever wanted to know about Social Selling.

Whether you work for a start-up, SME, MNC or are a solo-preneur you need Social Selling to help you win business, and Social Selling 2018 will show you how.

Join us for a full day of keynotes and workshops that will equip you with the knowledge and experience to help you start selling on your social media accounts.

Use this promo code at checkout: SocialSellingPartnersPromo to get the exclusive pricing.

For full details about the event, the speakers and the full day agenda please refer to our website Social Selling 2018


Photo Gallery

Committee Documents (members’ only)

Oct 2018 | NewAgeAdvertising-DrBanner.pdf
Oct 2018  | NewAgeAdvertising-JCDecaux.pdf
Oct 2018 | NewAgeAdvertising-Mediacorp.pdf
May 2018 | Loyalty Disrupt or Be Disrupted - Grab.pdf
May 2018 | Loyalty Disrupt or Be Disrupted - Edenred.pdf
May 2018 | Loyalty Disrupt or Be Disrupted - AccorHotels.pdf
May 2018 | Customer-experience-successful-retail-strategy_ielo_bienvenue.pdf
Apr 2018 |  Why-customers-influencers-are-better-marketers-your-cmo_Narratrs.pdf
Apr 2018 | Why-customers-influencers-are-better-marketers-your-cmo_TryandReview.pdf
Apr 2018   | Why-customers-influencers-are-better-marketers-your-cmo_Synthesio.pdf
Dec 2017 Digital_marketing_in_Pharma.pdf
Jun 2017 | Demystifying Digital Marketing Measurement & Analytics for Senior Leaders - FutureMarketer.pdf
May 2017 | The Digital Journey - Google.pdf
Feb 2017 | Creating Winning Digital Ads - Ipsos.pdf
Dec 2016 | The peaks of shopping: Creating a rollercoaster of emotions - Fitch.pdf
Dec 2016 | The Joy of Shopping: It’s all in the Mind – Fitch.pdf
Oct 2016 5 Ways to improve your ecommerce revenues - AT Internet.pdf
Sep 2016 Building Customer Lifetime Value - Microsoft.pdf
Sep 2016  Building Strong Brands in the Increasingly Complex Marketing Environment - TNS Singapore.pdf 
Jun 2016 Crowdsourcing for Brands with Millennials - eYeka.pdf
Jun 2016 The Quest For Personalized Marketing - Criteo.pdf
May 2016 Introducing Planet 21 - AccorHotels.pdf
May 2016 The challenge of change the role of business in sustainable development - Corporate Citizenship.pdf
Apr 2016 Design Thinking Innovation Games - Palo IT.pdf

Past Events

16 Jan 2014 - 18:30
Speakers: Mr Olivier Burlot, CEO, Heart Media
20 Nov 2013 - 16:00
Speakers: Nicki Kenyon, Facebook; Joanna Catalano, Google ; Ben Poole, MEC; Rudi Ramin, Mondelez International
17 Apr 2013 - 08:30
Speakers: Mr Siddharth Surana, Digital Director, Havas Media Singapore; Mr Olivier Legrand, Senior Director Marketing Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan, LinkedIn
15 Jan 2013 - 08:30
Speakers: Mr Guillaume Sachet, Head Strategic Planning at MediaCorp
28 Nov 2012 - 08:30
Speakers: Mr Michiel van Selm, Director, Financial Services Industry Practice, PwC LLP Singapore ; Mr Louis-Bernard Carcouet, Product Manager, PropertyGuru