Luxury & Premium Retail


Luxury & Premium Retail


President: Mrs Emmy TELLIER, Swatch

Vice-President: Mr Eric FESTY, Hermès

Vice-President: Mr Olivier GROMETTO, Qingwa

Vice-President: Ms Mollie JEAN DE DIEU, Longchamp


French Chamber Contact: Anne-Sophie Foster and Marion Fremaux



The Luxury & Retail Committee deals mainly with all matters of interest to retailers and distributors in Singapore, from property market and real estate developments, to protection of intellectual property rights and counterfeiting.

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The Duty Free and Travel Retail industry sector focuses on commercializing Duty-Free products or products sold in travel environments (Airports, Airlines, Cruises...)  such as Fragrances and Cosmetics, Fashion Accessories, Wines & Spirits, Tobacco, Jewelry & Watches, Gifts & Electronics.


This sector has been experiencing an amazing growth over the last 30 years.  According to the Tax-Free World Association (TFWA), Sales Turn Over for this sector grew by 10 times from 6 Billions USD in 1985 to 62 Billions USD in 2015, with Asia as the first region today in terms sales generated… (read more


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Committee Documents (members’ only)

Mar 2019  | Cultural-Diversity.pdf
Sept 2018 |  Agility Asia Pacific Affluent Women.pdf
May 2018  | Best Practice on Sales Forecasting.pdf
May 2018  |  Customer-experience-successful-retail-strategy_ielo_bienvenue.pdf
Avr 2018  |  Productivity Shifts and Trends for the Retail Industry in Asia.pdf
Sep 2017 | Counterfeiting & Traceability A Consumer Approach - SemioConsult.pdf
Aug 2017 | Asian Millionaires Spending Behaviour in Singapore and Beyond - Agility Research & Strategy.pdf
Jul 2017 | Malaysia’s e-tail Market - Solidiance.pdf
Sep 2016 | The Country of Origin Effect on Consumers - Semio Consult.pdf
Mar 2016 | Opportunities in Asia's Retail Scene - Cushman & Wakefield.pdf
Feb 2016 | The High Net Worth Indiviual - Agility Research Strategy.pdf
Jan 2016 | Key Trends in Traveller Retail Spends - Global Blue.pdf
Jan 2016 | Keeping Singapore Retail Competitive for Tourism - STB.pdf


Past Events

5 Jun 2018 - 18:30
Speakers: Caroline SIMON, Managing Director, Wine Connection
23 May 2018 - 08:30
Speakers: Henrik Berglind, ACCORHOTELS; Samridh Pant, GRAB; Johann Suchon, EDENRED, Managing Director China, HK, Singapore and Global Rewards
15 May 2018 - 08:30
Speakers: Jeanne Mouterde Co-founder and General Manager, ielo design; Chloé Cortinovis Co-founder and Managing Director, Bienvenue agency
11 May 2018 - 08:30
Speakers: Nicolas Nesme, SCO Manager Asia, VISEO