Sourcing & Supply Chain


Sourcing & Supply Chain


Co-President: Mr Alain Borne, Remy-Cointreau

Co-President: Mr Bertrand Mazeraud, Danone

Co-President: Mr Long Pham, Schneider Electric


French Chamber Contact: Sylvie Berthaud


The Sourcing & Supply Chain committee aims at:

  • Sharing information and experiences.
  • Creating synergies across various industries.
  • Supporting French Chamber members active in Sourcing/Purchasing/Supply Chain.


Supported Events

  • ​Supply Chain Innovation Networking Event

Thursday 31th of May, 6pm to 9pm | Workcentral - 190 Clemenceau Avenue #06-01 Singapore, 239924

While we are focusing our efforts on innovating in equipment or devices...there is a real gap in "end-to-end innovation" in supply chain... Come and discover how we can make a difference in true supply chain innovation. Get inspired at our networking event dedicated to supply chain innovation. Meet innovators and supply chain professionals, over a glass of wine, and discover through interesting presentations, innovative applications in supply chain management (AI, 3D printing, IoT, digitalization etc…)

Registration (limited seats) :

For more information contact:

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Committee Documents (members’ only)

June 2018  | How to win through more effective distribution in emerging markets.pdf
May 2018  | Best Practice on Sales Forecasting.pdf
Feb 2018 | One Belt One Road and its impact on the maritime industry.pdf
Jan 2018 | Investment Opportunities In Batam Free Trade Zone - Batamindo.pdf
Dec 2017 | SystemX_SG_20122017.pdf
Dec 2017 | How advanced procurement could optimize your IT organization in 2018.pdf
Nov 2017 | Optimising your asset lifecycle and performance with ISO55001 Asset Management System.pdf
Oct 2017 | GST aspects of the logistics services industries and imports of goods in Singapore - Luther.pdf
Jun 2017 | Singapore Logistics Industry Overview - EDB.pdf
Jun 2017 | Robotic Process Automation - EY.pdf
Jun 2017 | Robotic Process Automation - IBM.pdf
May 2017 | Future Proof Procurement - KPMG.pdf
Apr 2017 | General Expenses - Blu Buying Club.pdf
Mar 2017 | Decathlon SEA's Offer and Supply Strategies - Decathlon.pdf
Feb 2017 | Incoterms 2010 - Luther.pdf
Nov 2016 | Trade Compliance - Approaches from MNCs in the Region - Schneider Electric.pdf
May 2016 | Integrating South-East Asia - Geodis.pdf
Apr 2016 | Valeo supply chain model through the new Batam factory set-up - Valeo.pdf
Feb 2016 | A Walkthrough DDMRP Concept - iCognitive.pdf
Jan 2016 | Preparing Your Supply Chain for Robust Growth - Infineon.pdf

Past Events

18 Jun 2015 - 08:30
Speakers: Mr Frederic Gomer – Partner, B2G Consulting Singapore
28 May 2015 - 08:30
Speakers: Mr Stéphane Thierry, Regional CFO for Decathlon in South East Asia
9 Apr 2015 - 18:30
Speakers: Networking Event with the American Chamber and the Belgian Luxembourg Business Group
10 Mar 2015 - 08:15
Speakers: Schneider Electric
29 Jan 2015 - 08:30
Speakers: Mr Thibault Lecuyer, Environment Development Coordinator, SDV Logistics Singapore