Your Sustainability Strategy under the spotlight

Committee Meeting
Date and Time: 
02 Nov 2017
08:30 to 10:00
French Chamber Meeting Room, 541 Orchard Road #09-01 Liat Towers, Singapore
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29 Sep 2017
01 Nov 2017

Sustainability strategy has never been as important as today. It is now at the heart of each and every organisation.


More and more the engagement of stakeholders will depend on its clarity, its applicability and its long-term view.


The support from the investors will be based on the Sustainability Report which is nothing else than a reflection of the company strategy.


During this meeting, Dr Nadege Claudel will explain how each and every one can implement a long-term sustainability strategy that will benefit the company’s business and she will give examples to illustrate what is a meaningful, balanced and reliable sustainability report.

About the Speaker:

  • Dr Nadege Claudel, Managing Director at RELIABILITY CONSULTING

Dr Nadege Claudel is the founder and managing director of RELIABILITY CONSULTING, a sustainability, quality and food safety consultancy based in Singapore and operating throughout Asia.

A former Sustainability and Quality Director for the major global retailer CARREFOUR, Nadege has been based in Asia for more than 10 years.

While working for this international retailer, she managed the Sustainability and Quality global team in charge of non-food products (over 20,000 different products including textiles, toys, appliances and furniture). Nadege was in charge of designing and implementing the Sustainability and Quality Strategy, dealing with thousands of suppliers and factories.

Before that, while working in China she was responsible for quality, food safety and sustainability for more than 150 hypermarkets and thousands of suppliers. She was also the Secretary General of a Foundation which aim was to improve Food Safety in China. Through this, she developed a large network of experts, NGOs and academics who worked with the Foundation to help improve nutrition and food safety throughout China.



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