Mediakeys is a 100% independent media agency specialized in international advertising campaigns deployment.

Since its creation in 1994, Mediakeys has progressively extended and is now active in over 45 countries, thanks to 13 regional hubs: Beijing, Milan, New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zürich, Cologne.

Over the past 24 years Mediakeys has become the world’s leading independent international media specialist. Fully-owned by its co-founders and free from media agency affiliations and media owners, Mediakeys remains unbiased and completely focused on delivering innovative, measurable and client-specific solutions, while obtaining the best deals thanks to its multi regional presence. Mediakeys can also guarantee the same high standards worldwide, with centralized and efficient coordination.

Mediakeys is an agency of the Comkeys group and an active member of SAA, IAS, 4As in Singapore. Mediakeys also co-preside the Digital Innovations and Marketing committee of the FCCS since 2012.


Dr. Banner is a multichannel programmatic platform that gives you direct access to online advertising worldwide. A fully integrated proprietary platform; a web display campaigns creator; an adserver and a DSP (Demand Side Platform).
Specially designed for agencies, retailers or direct advertisers, Dr. Banner responds to your need of online advertising.
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