Founded in 2013, Novade is a Singapore-based software company driving the digital transformation in the building and construction industry.

Novade helps contractors, real estate developers and engineering service providers drive their digital transformation with cloud-based technology. With the Novade enterprise platform, processes on sites are digitized and automated with mobile applications. The platform includes modules to manage Quality, Safety, Activity, Workforce, Logistics and Maintenance on site. The data captured provides insights to streamline operations and improve quality, safety and productivity.

Operating across Europe and Asia Pacific, Novade works with the largest companies in the industry. The digital platform is deployed on projects such as building pre-fab factories in Singapore, Tunnel construction in Europe, large scale real estate projects in India or industrial sites in China. The common driver for all these projects is the need to digitize and automate field processes on one single digital platform.

111 North Bridge Road #25-01 Peninsula Plaza

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