ANOTECH Energy part of ALTEN Group was founded in 2006 to provide specialist services for energy industries.

ANOTECH Energy has developed an expertise in all energy sectors: Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Mining, Water industries. Our roots are in the delivery of the highest standard of service for engineering, projects and operations. We’ve been from the start developing our expertise in all technical fields.

Our vision is to provide our clients and our employees with a global approach and capacity as well as keeping the agility to deliver local tailor-made solutions. To do so, ANOTECH Energy has been developing several subsidiaries to better understand and support its clients as well as to contribute to the career development of its employees.

In the South-East Asia and Pacific, Anotech Energy is operating through 3 fully own subsidiaries in Singapore, Papua New Guinea and Australia. We have also extensive operations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand with multicultural team of engineers.

We are delivering there very technical and challenging projects in innovative sectors like Renewable, Power, and Gas.

The energy industry players are constantly adapting to the energy changing market. For this reason, ANOTECH Energy’s multicultural approach, flexible and efficient business driven solutions contribute to its employees and clients achievements.

160 Robinson Road #21-04 SBF Centre

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