Founded in 2014, Keyteo is a company specialized in organization and information system management that work with its clients as they outsource their projects in innovation, as well as research and development. Our purpose is to improve the innovation, competitiveness and performances of our clients. We contribute to all the key steps in our clients’ project lifecycles, from an analysis of the needs through implementation and industrialization.

Keyteo offers strategic, operational and technological solutions intended to accompany clients as they carry out their projects, by providing complete expertise through our consultants. Keyteo Consulting is strongly dedicated to sustain the strong growth of companies specializing in key sectors such as banking/finance, Insurance, retail and others.

We provide Technical Consulting, Business Analysts and Project Management Resources to accompany your Business processes and improvement.

Our training programs ensure that our consultants are able to develop new skills and learn new technologies to be able to continuously serving our clients better.

16 Raffles Quay, #32-06, Hong Leong Building,

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