Théa was created in 1994 and has played an important role in the latest pharmacological advances in ophthalmology. Today, it is
the leading independent eye care group in Europe.

The continuous and reliable commitment of our teams allows us to create permanent innovations for each new generation of ophthalmologists.

Independent, family-owned company
Théa is an independent family group, developed from a Research and Development start-up by Henri Chibret, a fourth generation member of an ophthalmic dynasty. Jean-Frédéric Chibret (a fifth generation family member) has presided over the company since 2008.

100% dedicated to ophthalmology
Théa is not a one product company.
Théa’s aim is to meet the full needs of all ophthalmologists
by covering all the therapeutic classes.

Contribution in the development of majorapproaches
Théa is constantly looking for solutions to develop approaches to
improve efficacy and observance, to simplify existing procedures
or make them safer. Théa can provide the ophthalmologists with
products for treatments diagnosis or ocular surgery.

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