Reside Etudes has grown to rank among France’s leading investment-property firms on the strength of its in-depth grasp of the full serviced-residence development and management chain. The Group announced a CA of ~ 400 K € on the market by managing more than 31 000 homes.

For investors, purchasing furnished apartments in LMNP facilitates long-term and secure forecasting since rental income is guaranteed, indexed and tax-free under the BIC category (Industrial and Commercial Profit).

Investment in furnished real estate allows one to prepare for repatriation and also for retirement. It is thus a good way to start building one’s wealth or diversify one’s portfolio, by benefitting from historically low rates and attractive tax advantages as well as a large leverage effect (amount borrowed / personal contribution).

An investment in Grand Paris for students can be concretised from € 95 888 with a modest contribution of 10%, i.e. € 9 588 + reduced purchase costs, purchase financed on credit. The VAT is fully refunded on purchase (residence with services or tourism managed by a professional operator – art 261/D4 of the General Tax Code) and rents are tax-free over a very long period.

Investing in a residence for students, businesses or seniors is judicious, in partnership with a manager with 30 years of expertise, established with more than 21,000 private investors on more than 250 residences. Meet with the consultant appointed to the Reside Etudes Group for 20 years for a personalised and confidential interview.

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