HAXXOM is a security and business intelligence strategy consultancy firm.

We support the growth of companies of all sizes, NGOs, institutions and local authorities by offering customised security and economic strategy solutions:

Overall security
Business Intelligence
Aviation security
International security
Crisis management
Risk management
Team training

Our consulting firm handles every type of security and economic intelligencee-related concern:

Prevent risks and protect your interests
Conduct audits and obtain assistance
Analyse and manage your risks
Manage high-stakes situations
Train and educate your teams about security

Whatever your business sector, size, history or challenges, we know how to incorporate all of our expertise within your company's strategic approach.

Our tailor-made solutions are customised to your structure and environment, enabling you to control your risks and the related costs, to reassure your employees with regard to their safety and to send a strong message of reliability to your clients, partners and shareholders.

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