Staff Planète, created in 2009, is a consultancy firm specialized in sustainable business development. It is located in Paris, Casablanca, soon in Spore.

It promotes a positive work ethic : involving a transparent, multi-cultural and dialogue-based approach to achieve tangible results.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Assisting MNCs and SMEs in developing and implementing their CSR policies.
o SRI, ESG,. Annual reports

Green business dev
Sourcing and developing environmental projects, mobilizing leaders and stakeholders such as local authorities, contractors, etc.

Ergapolis Institute : Thinking outside the Box - a pluri-disciplinary laboratory of innovation and creativity management for smart city and sustainable urban planning

o University program in Sustainable Country Planning : this is an innovative curriculum across 10 different universities, involving students in public administration, city planning, economics, sociology, architecture, design, engineering, etc. The students work together as multi-functional teams to assist local authorities in designing urban projects with the objective of sustainable development.

43 Rue Bobillot
PARIS  75013

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