Set up in 1998 and awarded the “Restauranteurs de France”, L'Angelus is one of the most authentic and highly appreciated French restaurants in the region, thanks to its reputation of genuine consistency. As Singapore’s oldest single-location traditional French restaurant, L’Angelus values the French gastronomy by offering traditional French cooking prepared with high-quality ingredients air-flown. Reminiscent of the charming restaurants tucked away in the corners of Paris, the setting and décor of L’Angelus evoke a Parisian atmosphere as thick as the chef’s French Onion Soup. The décor has a traditional feel which hasn’t changed in the restaurant’s long history. The wine selection is entirely French, from the different wine-growing regions of France. It has a wine and whisky bar in the neighbourhood called Tipple and Dram that serves a wide variety of wines and premium single malts.

85 Club Street

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