Recognised for its expertise in robotics, automatic control systems, simulators and industrial processes, ECA Group has developed comprehensive and innovative solutions for complex missions in hostile or restricted environments. Its solutions are intended for an international clientele, demanding in terms of safety and effectiveness, in the defence, maritime, aeronautics, simulation, industrial and energy sectors.

For Defence & Security, ECA Group offers integrated solutions for surveillance, detection, inspection, rapid response and counteraction missions. The robotic solutions offered are based on a complete range of air, land and sea drones, either remote–controlled or autonomous.

ECA Group designs automatic control solutions that carry out a very wide range of missions for the maritime sector: deep–sea exploration, pipeline inspection, operations on immersed worksites, mining research, control and command systems, video surveillance. Solutions based on autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and remotely–operated vehicles (ROV) equipped with cameras and articulated arms carry out response or inspection missions.

ECA Group also designs on–board equipment, assembly lines and test equipment for aircraft manufacturers, as well as mechatronic equipment for the repair and maintenance of ground support equipment (GSE) for aircraft operators.

ECA Group Asia Pte. Ltd. aims to sell and promote ECA Group’s solutions within the Asia–Pacific Region.

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