French Elegance Agency welcomes you to a French Etiquette and Savoir-Vivre Salon with a Premium " Tailor-Made" service focusing on the principles and practices of the world.
Our mission is to help you to acquire the essential rules of " Made in France" good manners as well as understanding French Customs and traditions to thrive in confidence on a private, social or professional level.
The agency offers detailed, personalised support based on interactive workshops to perfectly master and read the social codes, attitudes and dress codes which define French Elegance.
French Courtesy, Corporal expression, Dress-code, Art of greeting, Table setting & Manners, Business Etiquette, Kids' diplomacy : our modules
- individuals or groups training - are directly relate to our clients' needs and aspirations.
In the setting of a contemporary Parisian salon in the heart of the city, French Elegance Agency will offer the essentials keys to those for whom Elegance rhymes with France.

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