The Customer Experience Group is an alliance of companies offering products and services that elevate the customer experience. It caters to 200 of the world’s iconic premium and luxury brands and helps them transition from a transactional model towards a personalised relationship and emotional model. We support brands in responding to the ever-changing luxury landscape and evolving affluent shopper requirements in every region.

The Group is currently comprised of Albatross CX, Face2Face Training and Consultancy, Activate Experience, Wisely Insights and Smart CX. These are consultancies that specialise in different aspects of customer experience, thus allowing us to provide our clients with 360 degree CX solutions. With plans of further partnerships, Customer Experience Group is rapidly becoming the world’s largest alliance of independent customer experience experts.

Founded in 2006, Albatross CX is a global customer experience agency servicing premium and luxury brands. It helps brands deliver positive, meaningful and memorable customer experiences. Albatross CX specializes in capturing and analysing experience feedback across all customer touchpoints as well as the retail teams, with a defined action plan and continuous follow up. Through its unique metric - Albatross Customer Experience (ACE) index, it allows brands to better understand not only what drives advocacy but also their performance vs their peers.

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