SES–imagotag was created in 1992. Today SES–imagotag is the world leader for electronic shelf label (ESL) with over 170 millions ESL installed in more than 15,000 stores in over 62 countries. With its unique radio frequency range of transmissions, SES–imagotag systems is the IoT backbone of physical stores, guaranteeing 100% reliability (ensuring same data in the shelves and at other systems like cashier, ...) and generates significant savings on operational costs.

In 2014, SES took over Austrian company Imagotag, specialised in ESL with WiFi transmission, and in 2016 FindBox, a German company (specialized in blinking ESL for O2O picking process) and PDI, a Taiwanese company (for E–paper display). Since early 2018, SES-imagotag is part of BOE group, China.

SES–imagotag has more than 370 employees worldwide, grows by 20 to 40% annually and is listed on Paris Stock Exchange. SES has registered 17 worldwide patents (including RFID and NFC), installs 3 new stores every day and works with the largest retail companies in the world.

The office in Singapore covers all the Asia–Pacific region to better support local customers. The other Asia Pacific offices are located in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei. Customers in Asia–Pacific include Fairprice, Unity, Phoon Huat, Carrefour, Sheng Siong stores, SM Philippines, IGA, Carrefour, Casino, Géant, Super U, Hyper U, Simply Market, Amway, (7 Fresh), Hema, Nojima, ….

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