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1/ Activity


This company provides revolutionary solutions for food safety, that make the agrifood industry save time and money while making safer food.

This company - a structured and qualified team supported by major experts of the sector in France and in the USA- is already working with some of the largest food companies, with an important technological and patented advance (5 years ahead of potential entrants regarding R&D) and is looking for capital to accelerate its growth.


Fast growing market (estimated $1.5 billion in 2017, 17.5% CAGR), eager for new agrifood technologies.

It is a niche for key players of the sector. Moreover, it is perfectly integrated in a global strategic arena (€19 Bn Market), bringing numerous possibilities of diversification and repurchase (cession and/or M&A).


2/ General Figures 


Expected 2017 turnover: 533k€


Turnover 2016: USD 260k


Gross margin 2016: USD 208k


EBIT 2016: USD -1184k


Net income 2016: USD -924k


Staff: 15 employees
2 labs
3/ Transaction

Financial support needed


Amount required: 1,000,000€


Minimum investment per shareholder: 2,000 € via (crowdfunding company) or 100,000 € for a direct investment.


Minority shareholding