Bansard International announces opening of new office in Hanoi, Vietnam

Bansard International
Friday, 1 December, 2017

In the month of November, Bansard International, French freight forwarding company, officially opened their second office in Vietnam. Due to increasing demand in the region of Vietnam, the company installed a new office in Hanoi, only two years after the launch of their first office in Ho Chi Minh City.



Vietnam, with its history and culture is also the hub for logistics and ecommerce companies as of lately for its remarkable trends. Reports are saying that logistics represent “20%-25% of GDP in Vietnam with the sector projected to grow by roughly 12 percent per year in the near future.” Vietnam is now a popular destination for International groups seeking expansion in South-East Asia. With this much activity, the group Bansard International chose to develop and expand in Vietnam, starting by opening its first office in 2015, in Ho Chi Minh City. Bansard Vietnam greatly benefited from the boom by offering services of transport to all industries, most specifically for the advance technology field that has taken over with micro-electronics, precise mechanics, new energies and with new materials. Within the first two years, Bansard Vietnam earned an increasing demand to handle supply chains within the Asian, European and North American routes. This led to the launch of their second office in Hanoi.


In order for Bansard Vietnam to guide to the fullest extent their clients’ supply chains, another location was added to Bansard International’s expansion in Vietnam. This widened prospective and allowed the trilingual staff to efficiently offer low cost services and fast deliveries.



About Bansard International


Bansard International, freight forwarder since 1963, is expert in the transport and management of goods of all industries. Offering tailored services, Bansard International provides transportation via air, sea, rail, road and guarantees safe and fast deliveries. To know more about Bansard Vietnam, visit our “Vietnam” page.