AME new visibility: bringing tradition into the modern world

Monday, 18 February, 2019

AME is a French agency specialized in bespoke products: we develop products for our clients thanks to our strong worldwide network of craftsmen.



2018 has already been an exciting year for us with the opening of our Asian subsidiary in Singapore but we wanted to be even more ambitious in 2019 as well as focus on the roots of our products.

We always had at heart to highlight the work of our craftsmen, since we think a company is nothing without the men and women they partner with every day to achieve greatness.

Our new website,, is a tribute to the people who are passionate about their profession and a way to showcase their extraordinary know-how.

It is also one more step forward for us as we wanted our company to become more visible and our website to be a tool for our clients to get ideas about products, trends, materials and so on.

We hope people get inspired as much as we do by the combination of tradition and innovation a product can bring.