Antarctica race – Running for a good cause

Monday, 10 December, 2018

On Nov 23th, our CEO, Alain Esseiva will be running 250km across Antarctica (he runs these type of races once or twice a year). He usually tries to link his running with supporting a good cause. This time is the Ocean Conservancy .


I am excited to announce that on November 23, 2018 I shall be crossing the start line to begin my next challenge: running 250km across Antarctica.

The ultramarathon is called The Last Desert and forms part of the 4 Desert series of racing taking place around the world (the last one being The Gobi March in Mongolia). The race will take me past the Drake Passage, The South Shetland Islands, Jougla Point, Petermann Island, Paradise Bay and many other places.

I will also expect to see a wide variety of unique wildlife, ranging from Adélie Penguins and Leopard seals to Killer (Orca) and Humpback whales. It is a pristine environment and one challenge that I know will be worth it. Much of this wildlife would not exist without the sea, which provides fish to sustain the whales, penguins, and birds that live there. It is for this reason that Alpadis Group will support the NGO the Ocean Conservancy through a series of charitable activities and contributions that will take place while I am running my race. We chose the Ocean Conservancy due to the work they are doing to protect and clean oceans, seas and waterways the world over.

This includes efforts to tackle unsustainable illegal fishing, working with fishing communities to plan and protect the seas, while protecting their own livelihoods, reduce plastic waste entering the ocean, restoring damaged coastlines and more. In order to raise money for the Ocean Conservancy, Alpadis Group team members shall, as a team, run 250km over the same period that I will be in Antarctica. Individual team members from Switzerland and Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia shall each run a certain distance to make up the 250km, we shall add up all distances, and Alpadis Group shall give a financial contribution for each KM run. We hope that the raised amount can go some way to protecting and nurturing the health of our seas.

I shall be sending daily updates on my adventure in Antarctica, as well as thoughts on how to prepare for a race in one of the coldest places on earth, while living in one of the hottest places on earth!

More about Alain Esseiva here.