ETN Innovation presents ORA insivible audio systems at Indesign Singapore on Saturday 7 October 2017

ETN Innovation
Friday, 6 October, 2017

ETN Innovation will present ORA insivible audio systems at Indesign 2017 event, on Saturday 7 Oct.


The exhibition is located on Indesign Gallery booth at Curated Space 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road.


Registration is free, more information here:



About ETN Innovation:

Founded in 2010, ETN Innovation is dedicated to providing consulting services in innovation and technology management, R&D and business development of cutting-edge technologies.


Its domain of activity includes multimedia, smart home, smart city, high-end audio (under the ORA brand name) and lighting products.


ETN mission is to advise and support high technology companies (from start-ups to large corporations) in several innovation related areas:


  • in the definition of their strategy; 
  • in the elaboration and the drive of their innovation; 
  • in the organisation and the management of their R&D operations; 
  • in business development (new businesses, new markets, etc.); 
  • in their strategic partnership (with focus on Europe and Asia/China regions); 
  • in their product development activities (concept to mass-production).