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Catching your clicks

It's a French firm you've never heard of that's taking on the likes of Google -- in the digital advertising software market, that is. Ad tech company Criteo's founder JB Rudelle explains how he is repositioning the firm from an ad platform of choice into a strategic partner for the open Internet.

Fidinam Singapore sets up Vietnam desk

Vietnam has consistently become a more attractive business destination in Asia: it has opened its markets since 2007 and offers interesting opportunities to foreign investors. Fidinam Group opened its Vietnam Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017. As one of the first European professional services firms in Vietnam, our Ho Chi Minh City office assists companies, investors and private individuals with the structuring and establishing of business, tax advisory and with the full provision of corporate, tax and accounting services through its own accounting partner firm.

Participez aux premiers Trophées des Français d'Asie !

Vivre et travailler à l'étranger, c'est témoigner d'un véritable dynamisme et de créativité alliés au goût du risque et de l'aventure. Les Trophées des Français d’Asie, organisés par souhaitent mettre en valeur des parcours étonnants et des engagements réussis en Asie. Un continent que le média des Français et francophones à l’étranger connaît bien puisque 13 de ses 66 éditions y sont implantées. 

ARiMI is organizing a Risk INNOVATION Forum 2018: Getting Future Ready, in Singapore on the 25th October 2018

In a business environment fraught with volatility, complexity and uncertainty with new risks emerging continuously, there is a growing need for more effective risk management solutions. ARiMI Risk INNOVATION forum aims to challenge current management thinking and practices about risk, bringing up new ideas and approaches to the management of risks in organizations in order to nurture the conditions for sustainable growth and profitability in today’s disruptive world.