Opening 13 May 2017: A Delicious Multi-Concept Destination in The Heart Of Orchard By Deliciae Hospitality Management

Deliciae Hospitality Management
Friday, 19 May, 2017

Opening 13 May 2017, Deliciae Hospitality Management (DHM) is launching its first and biggest multi-concept destination at Robinsons The Heeren, bringing three of its award-winning concepts: L’Entrecôte The Steak & Fries Bistro, Sabio Tapas Bar and &Made Burger Bistro to join Angela May Food Chapters. Located at an all-new wing of the mall specially built for the concept, the sprawling two-storey block is also Orchard’s largest terrace designed for all-day alfresco dining.


“Drawing from our location at the heart of Singapore’s shopping capital, we envision this space as a fun and energetic metropolis that brings people together for any and every occasion seven days a week; there’s something for everyone. It’s a melting pot of great food and drinks of different cuisines,” says Olivier Bendel, restaurateur and founder of DHM.


Situated by one of Orchard’s busiest intersections, the outdoor duplex aptly features the crossing of four different cuisines from the East and the West. Opened throughout the day from 9:30am till late, a central menu integrates each restaurant’s specialty dishes, allowing diners to order across concepts.


The ground floor of the duplex is the comeback place for burger joint &Made, and the third home of Spanish tapas bar Sabio Orchard.




Dedicating itself to serving seriously good handcrafted burgers, &Made returns to the scene with six soul-satisfying variations: each burger a delicious stack of homemade buns, patties, toppings and sauces. Rebooting the fan favourite, the B Burger is a riot of bright flavours with juicy dry-aged beef with sweet onion compote, creamy French comté cheese, capers and garlic mayonnaise. The Angela May Burger embodies the enigmatic culinary personality’s diverse Asian and Western background, and proves that healthy can also be sinful. A steamed burger featuring fluffy flax-crusted mantou buns and a light layer of laksa yogurt sauce, the patty is a fresh and bright combination of fish and prawn with chili, kaffir lime, Thai basil and coconut cream.




Just like the legend of King Alfonso X (also known as ‘El Sabio’/ the Wise One) who decreed all taverns to serve alcoholic drinks with tapas after discovering the magical pairing at a local bar on a hot and windy day, Sabio’s variety of tapas, wines, sangrias, spirits and beers makes for a perfect respite from the hustle and bustle. The food menu takes the best ingredients from the land and sea around the world to offer an authentic selection of both cold and hot tapas, traditional Valencian paellas and a charcoal-grilled section using the finest Josper oven from Spain.




Up on the second floor, L’Entrecôte The Steak & Fries Bistro – with its signature red awning – brings a slice of the Parisian charm. Known for their steak-frites, the seven-year-old steakhouse institution continues its winning formula of top-quality trimmed meats, unlimited golden fries and the addictive L’Entrecôte Legendary Sauce (that remains to be a secret recipe closely guarded by the restaurant today). Classic French appetizers, from the L’Entrecôte Duck Rillettes to half a dozen of Escargots de Bourgogne with Parsley Butter and Garlic, goes hand-in-hand with its list of friendly-priced French wines.




With the addition of the three concepts, Angela May Food Chapters is also writing an all-new sequel. Fostered by her close relationship with farmers in Singapore in support of locally farmed herbs, vegetables and sustainable seafood, culinary creator Angela May is flipping the pages to the second chapter of the restaurant with a refreshed menu of healthy Asian food driven by her deep passion for local produce and natural ingredients. New signatures include the Korean-inspired Spicy Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps, with thinly-sliced skirt steak, grilled to perfection, over spiced sprouts, kale and mango salsa, and Truffled Asian Dumplings, each ingot a delightful package of tofu, king oyster mushrooms and water chestnuts, served with coconut cream and an aromatic chiffonade of kaffir lime leaves.


With a total seating capacity of 220 people across the four spaces, the 4300 square feet venue also ideal for private events of up to 500 people.


A joint partnership between DHM and Robinsons, expansion plans to bring the same model in different locations throughout Asia and Middle East are scheduled in the future.

Location, Contact and Opening Hours

260 Orchard Road, Robinsons The Heeren, Singapore 238855

+65 6681 7440


Sunday to Thursday, 9:30am to 12 midnight

Friday and Saturday, 9:30am to 1am