OVH drives innovation in Singapore and South East Asia with the introduction of the Digital Launch Pad

Tuesday, 9 May, 2017

OVH announces the introduction of its Digital Launch Pad (DLP) program which provides free cloud computing resources ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 per startup.


  • The DLP is open to all technological sectors;
  • OVH works with chosen startups to select the platform and software solutions most suitable to their business and provides free technical support and training along the way; and
  • The DLP is a no strings attached program that does not require any obligation to OVH’s technology moving forward.


Global Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) leader OVH, today announces the introduction of its Digital Launch Pad (DLP) program in Singapore and South East Asia. The program is OVH’s commitment to accelerate successful outcomes for startups around the world. 


In October 2015, OVH applied its mantra “Innovation is Freedom” to the startup community. The Digital Launch Pad (DLP) was born to support businesses in the startup phase with an easy and free access to cloud computing resources, no strings attached.





As OVH rapidly expands its global operations, the DLP is now available to all Singapore and ASEAN startups out of the Singapore Datacenter and other OVH Datacenters around the world.


OVH will work with the rich network of incubators and accelerators in the region to assist with the identification of candidates. Startups can also apply directly on the OVH website.


Laurent Allard, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of OVH says, “Innovation spans all economic spheres and therefore all technological sectors are eligible for the DLP program.”


OVH is steadfast about supporting local startups at each stage of their development, from ideation to build and market, offering free cloud computing resources ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 per startup.


With OVH’s assistance, startups receive the platform and software solutions most suitable to their business. OVH offers free technical support and training along the way and does not require any obligation to its technology moving forward. 


Additionally, as startup businesses mature, OVH is committed to working with them to increase their visibility in Europe and across the world.  



Already 700 startups supported through the Digital Launch Pad program


In October 2015, Mr. Allard, said at the OVH Summit in Paris, “We invite startups to come and challenge our infrastructures.” These words were fully heard as the DLP has already enrolled over 700 young and upcoming businesses.


David Lissmyr, cofounder of PlumeLabs, a DLP member, explains “We are delighted to be part of the OVH Digital Launch Pad! In addition to the credits that gave us the freedom to strengthen our infrastructure, the program was of great value to us.  As the 500th startup to join the program, OVH Digital Launch Pad gave us visibility — such as during the unveiling of our Flow product at CES in Las Vegas — and access to a network of startups also supported by OVH Digital Launch Pad.”



Working hand in hands with the local ecosystem of incubators and accelerators 


Over the recent months, OVH has formed partnerships with Singaporean incubators and accelerators in relation to the DLP. Michel Birnbaum, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at NTUitive, the innovation and enterprise arm of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore said, “We welcome OVH in the Singapore startup ecosystem. This is adding to the choice of hyperscale cloud vendors and enabling new use cases for emerging deep tech initiatives. The DLP will help the early stage of startups requiring a highly scalable infrastructure.”



Helping with the visibility and notoriety of South East Asian startups in Europe and beyond 


As for visibility and notoriety, OVH provides the opportunity to its most successful DLP entrepreneurs to take the stage during the Paris based OVH Summit, and present their concepts to an audience of thousands of customers and prospects. 


The team in charge of the DLP also communicates on a regularly basis about news of the startups in the program through interviews or testimonials on the group’s web sites and through its newsletters.  OVH has more than 1,200,000 customers worldwide.