Post-Budget Survey 2017: Your Voice on the Singapore Budget

Friday, 23 June, 2017

As part of SBF’s ongoing role as the bridge between businesses and our Government, we conducted two surveys to obtain feedback from our business community on their views on the Singapore Budget 2017. The surveys were:


(a) An electronic poll of the company attendees that attended our “Seminar on Budget 2017” held on 8 March. This event was held after the Budget Statement was delivered on 20 February, and after the Committee of Supply Debates for the Ministries of Communications & Information, Finance, Manpower, and Trade & Industry were held.


(b) A more detailed electronic- and paper-based survey that was conducted from 8 March to 21 April. We approached companies through our membership database, SBF corporate website and social media platforms as well as relevant SBF events. We also reached out to the members of the Singapore National Employers Federation through its Secretariat to participate in the survey. A total of 213 responses were collated.


Results of the Electronic Poll Conducted at our “Seminar on Budget 2017” Held on 8 March

Profile of the Respondents

There were about 700 attendees at the Seminar. 175 participants took part in the survey.


About two-thirds of the respondents were SMEs. The rest were large companies.



Read the results here