Suez signs contract to clean drinking water pipes in Singapore with patented Ice Pigging technology

SUEZ Southeast Asia
Monday, 26 February, 2018

SUEZ has been awarded a three-year contract by PUB, Singapore's national water agency, to clean its water supply pipelines using SUEZ’s proprietary Ice Pigging technology. It is the Group’s first operational project in Asia using the patented technology.

With an optional one-year extension, the contract was inked following the success of the Ice Pigging pilot project in 2016 in the country. SUEZ’s Ice Pigging is water-efficient as it uses significantly 50% less water than traditional cleaning techniques. It has already been used to great success in countries including the UK, the Netherlands and Australia.



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Tap water contains minerals which settle down over time in the pipelines. Ice Pigging cleans the internal surface of the pipes with an injection of ice slurry to remove these mineral sediments. It is a non-intrusive, fast, effective and economical means of removing sediment and biofilm from drinking water networks. It also consumes just a few liters of ice in industrial situations that normally require hundreds of liters of water.


Committed to sustainable resources management, SUEZ’s proprietary Ice Pigging is applicable to municipalities as well as a vast range of industries – including oil and gas, food and beverage, and cosmetics – where companies wish to limit the environmental impact of cleaning pipes by avoiding the use of chemicals or large quantities of water. It won the 2016 World Food Innovation Award in the “Best Manufacturing/Processing Technology” category.


The contract represents a springboard for new business opportunities for the SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions throughout Asia, in both the municipal and industrial sectors. It is geared up to lead to strong synergies with the Group’s many other resource management activities in the region.