#UnspokenLife18, Aidha's Annual Photography Competition & Exhibition

Friday, 19 October, 2018

Dear Friends of Aidha

We are excited to launch our third Annual Photography Competition & Exhibition, #UnspokenLife18! 

As a way to celebrate foreign domestic workers (FDWs) as dreamers, artists, and changemakers, Unspoken Life gives voice to the journeys that FDWs take when they arrive in Singapore. There are over 240,000 FDWs in Singapore but many remain unseen, defined solely by their duties and responsibilities. This exhibition delves beneath the labels to unfurl the many selves that FDWs keep hidden. 

The photography competition is open to all FDWs in Singapore and will be followed by a 2-day exhibition on 24th & 25th Nov at Intersections Gallery  filled with fun and informative activities, workshops and a screening of the award-winning documentary, The Helper. The photographs featured in the exhibition are all taken by FDWs, including Aidha students. Don't forget to mark those dates on your calendar!

The deadline for photography submissions is Nov 4th, and we need YOUR help to spread the word and encourage FDWs around you to participate! We will be offering $1500 in prize money for the winning photographs! The photographs can be taken with any point & shoot equipment and more info on categories, submission details etc can be found here

Winners of Aidha's Annual Photography Competition 2017


Thank you very much for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the exhibition on 24th or 25th November!  

Best regards, 
The Aidha team