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Many financial grants, French or Singaporean, public or private, to strengthen your export and setting-up projects in Singapore.






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Financial grants for companies are from public or private funds:

  • French State introduced financial support solutions for companies with the wish to prospect, export or set-up, eventually in Singapore and Southeast Asia. These solutions are sometimes subject to the condition that the products are manufactured in France.
  • In France and Singapore, they are single grants or complementary to many solutions from private funding. They benefit start-ups as well as larger companies.
  • In Singapore, public financial grants apply to the companies already established in the country for the support and sustainability of the local economy. Dozens of financial grants schemes exist for companies, with at least 30% of local shareholding (Singaporeans/Singapore Permanent Residents - PRs).
  • Meanwhile, Singapore implemented many incentives measures for foreign companies regardless of their shareholdings’ native country: foreign investors’ subsidiaries, whether they are from major international groups or SMEs (Small-to-Medium Enterprises), benefit from favourable tax conditions. Furthermore, the EDB (The Singapore Economic Development Board), an investment and government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, brings its support to investment projects of foreign companies with a personalised approach.


The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is a partner for the development of French companies with the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

The development of Asia offers many growth opportunities for Asian or foreign companies. For companies wishing to develop abroad by positioning their activities close to emerging Asian markets, Singapore is the place to be. To facilitate their setting-up, the Singapore Economic Development Board is partner for the development of French companies with the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. The EDB brings the necessary support and allows to take advantage of Singapore to develop the activities of companies, already set-up in the city-state, beyond domestic market.



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