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We help you to identify and meet relevant potential partners and clients in Singapore and/or within the Southeast Asian region.

Everything you need to know on business missions, customised to your needs.


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Efficiently prospect the local market with B2B meetings


In order to get effective results quickly, you can decide to outsource a part of your research activity to the business support department of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.


Not only do we cover the exploratory phase of a project, but also we can help on your commercial prospection in Singapore and Southeast Asia, the research of an agent in Asia, your business development in Singapore, to re-establish link with a past client… Entrust us with your project.


"’With a dedicated contact in the Chamber based in Singapore, we managed to get interviews with the right persons."

Bernard Peigné, CEO, Peigné Chaussures




Our business missions organised by activity sector 2017/2018

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We proceed in the following manner:


  • The understanding of your value proposition and the careful study of your goals based on your requests. Customer satisfaction is the main driver of our actions.
  • The suggestion of a strategy that can result with:
  • A market analysis;
  • A regulatory information;
  • The identification of prospects/partners corresponding to your requests and the planning of meetings over one or two days;
  • A first contact with an unresponsive client;
  • A follow-up of your contacts after the mission.
  • A regular and interactive progress of the mission.
  • A summary of the mission’s results by e-mail.


What makes us different:

  • A dynamic network composed of 720 companies and individual members of the Chamber of Commerce, always keen to listen to our proposals;
  • Our historical presence in Singapore with a detailed knowledge of the markets and business practices;
  • Our strong relationships with government agencies and professional associations;
  • The Chamber of Commerce’s local reputation is an asset to support your project;
  • A bicultural team of Business Development Managers who master the local codes and are able to target the best potential partners.


"Thanks to our prospection mission, not only we have managed to understand this new market, but also we have laid the foundation of a future cooperation with local partners and clients. The Chamber completely understood our expectations.’"

Olivier Lefevre, Founder and Managing Director, dad agence



"We are very satisfied with the appointments obtained and the assistance to the meetings: deadlines respected, organisation, quality of contacts, reactivity. There is a real headhunting job to convince good people to meet us. We identified potential development opportunities in Singapore and in the APAC region."

Jimmy Doan, Astrakhan Innovation Management, Read the testimonial here (in French)



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Mars 2018 | Service Prospection Commerciale : OpenDataSoft se développe à Singapour

Mars 2018 | Service Prospection Commerciale : MFG Labs se lance sur l'industrie du futur -la transformation digitale- à Singapour

Mars 2018 | Service Prospection Commerciale : François Doucet Confiseur mise sur le bon goût de Singapour

Dec 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Incomlend se développe à Singapour

Nov 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Les Transports Jumeau se développe sur le marché de l'ASEAN

Nov 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Astrakhan s'exporte en Asie

Oct 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Mark to Market se développe à Singapour

Oct 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Novabay se développe à Singapour

Oct 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Agence Chic se développe à Singapour

Sep 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : SICA Kérisnel approche les marchés de l'Asie du Sud-Est

Sep 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Fontainebleau Langues et Communications se lance à Singapour

Août 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Wassa approche le marché de l'Asie du Sud-Est

Mai 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Euris approche l'industrie pharmaceutique à Singapour

Mai 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : De nouveaux clients à Singapour pour Magna Vini

Mars 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Les Soieries du Mékong se lancent à Singapour

Mars 2017 | Service Recherche d'Agents : Hagerty se développe à Singapour et en Asie

Mars 2017 | Learning Expeditions : Le Groupe Bouygues découvre les dernières innovations de Singapour

Fev 2017 | Service Prospection Commerciale : Assistance Formation Conseil prospecte le marché Asiatique

Nov 2016 | Learning Expeditions : L'ESA Business School en Voyage d'Étude à Singapour



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