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Ozitem Group
Thursday, 3 January, 2019

Ozitem Group – specialist of IT infrastructure since 27 years - set-up in ASEAN recently to bring expertise in Asia and to give access to data without borders

Ozitem group is composed by two IT infrastructure specialist: Ozitem for in situ infrastructure and Owentis for cloud infrastructure.

We are a reliable SME since 29 years, with a constant dynamism and an average growth of 10% per year since 2014.

We are  composed by 370 men and women specialized in IT infrastructure and cloud computing.

Our vision is to bring value to the IT ecosystem of our customer, and now to bring our expertise to Asia.

Ozitem presence worldwide: give access to data without borders.


We set-up our technical presence in Asia by establishing a Data center in Hong Kong 6 years ago, in Singapore 3 years ago and by opening a third services center in Vietnam a few months ago.  The goal of this services center is not only to get closer of our Asian markets but also following a strong will of international development (when looking at the potential of markets such as Singapore, Vietnam or Hong Kong) and to be able to deliver services to French companies in Asia in the most efficient way possible.

We also opened recently a new Data Center in Fremont – Silicon Valley to link us with the American market and to have a technical presence worldwide.

All these actions undertaken by our group are following the same strategic vision: give access to secured data without borders. Enjoy unlimited cloud and deploy your resources with agility thanks to our services: 


Managed services: we drive your transformation forward and ensure the continuity of your business.


Our services center in Ho Chi Minh ensure the monitoring, operation and administration of your IT infrastructure with the same quality requirement than our services centers in France (Paris, Toulouse). Our maturity, our focus on quality and expertise allow us to understand end to end infrastructure and to deliver on made, quality and agile answer to your issues.  

Let us take care of your IT infrastructure and stay focus on your core businesses and data operation.


Terabackup : Our backup solution, ensuring the security of your IS.


Backup automatically your critical data with Terabackup, on servers as well as on workstations to face user’s mobility issues. Your data are backup in our Singapore datacenter with redundancy and the highest level of security, and replicated in a second Datacenter (Singapore, Hong-Kong or Paris) to ensure a business recovery plan.

Cloud , chose the solution that fit your business 

Host your applications in our Datacenters in Singapore or Hong-Kong, on our dedicated cloud.

Do you wish to connect private and public cloud whatever their localization worldwide?  Discover our Hybrid cloud offer, considered as “the best of both world “framework, hybrid cloud offers you an increased accessibility and flexibility.

Would you rather use a public cloud provider such as AWS or Microsoft Azure? We have expert and dedicated team to help you and provide you guidance for transition phase as well as production.

Data hosting is a key direction in term of security, availability and flexibility and cost optimization, we support you in that reflection with the appropriate tools, skills and processes.

@VISIO, connect anywhere, anytime, with every devices.

@Visio is the video-conferencing solution that allows you to connect everywhere, anytime, with every devices in one click. Our solution guaranties you the best video conferencing experience for international collaboration of quality, one of our key assets.